What's Up With Business Travel?

  • Because of the increased numbers of COVID-19 Corporate travel continues to be slow and way below numbers of the past. People are wondering why?

    (1) Technology - Zoom, Skype, and Videoconferencing (2) Leisure travel is coming back faster then business travel (3) Most offices are now working remotely (4) Companies have not resumed traveling (5) Energy and Defense Contractors are starting to creep back (6) Cases of the virus have flared up in AZ, TX, and FL (7) Unsure of the return date of business travel; what was September of 2020 has been moved to Q-1 of 2021 (8) The long-term ramification of this pandemic have economists speechless (9) Consumers have a huge bit of uncertainty about the future and they are not spending money. (10) A wide variety of solutions are under investigations to see how this can be changed.

    So where does this leave us. Trying to be positive, trying to watch as many webinars as we can to stay updated, and doing our utmost to make sure people feel very comfortable when they visit the Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown. We are looking forward to a recovery that leads consumer demand back to hotels for leisure and corporate travel. We have updated and revised our operational procedures to reassure travelers and to adapt to the changing needs of cleanliness and safety. So right now we are working with groups for dates in 2021 and 2022. If you planning schedule is looking even further out we are ready as well. We we all know the Corona virus is setting up the new standard for event safety and we want you to know that the Sheraton is open and ready for your group in Q-4 and into the future.

  • Chamber Staff

    Thanks @DAVE-O - it’s great to hear what you all are doing and we know this is a hard time for you and so many in the hotel industry. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to times when you’ll be sold out again!

  • @DAVE-O Would offering special rates for emergency workers be beneficial ? I know there is a lot of medical employee temp work happening and I’d think a hotel could greatly benefit by hosting those workers.

  • @AP_purpledoor - You bet! If you go to our webpage www.sheratonfortworth.com and go to the upper right corner where it says offers! Click there. You’ll see “Exclusively for Texas Residents”! This is a great rate for everyone who lives in Texas and has a Texas Drivers license. This is a great special rate for emergency works, front line workers, Police Departments that need a get away. Fireman, EMT’s, nurses, doctors, why we’ll even offer it to lawyers too! We are exclusively offering Texas Residents a great escape opportunity and we would love to welcome you here for a great stay!

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