Workplace Safety -

  • I am not sure if any other business is experiencing this particular issue, and it might be industry driven, however, what is one to do when customers refuse to wear a mask? We have had a few incidences where they simply refused! My staff are masked, gloved, disinfected, and then we have someone come in refuse to abide by the policy. I have very nicely offered to provide free masks to them, and have still had a few refuse, thoughts? Especially, if they come in with a valued and respected customer. I feel I have a responsibility to my staff and am thinking of putting up signage that states we are unable to serve anyone who comes in without a mask. At this time, we simply have the Texas Restaurant Promise posted, as well as signage stating that it is mandatory to wear a mask upon entering the building. Any suggestions?

  • No shirt! No Shoes No Service!

    Wear the Mask! So you Don’t have to wear the Ventilator!

    Mask Up or Stay Out!

    If we can wear it so can you! Please wear your mask!

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