Getting Ready To Open Fully When We Can!

  • Now is the time to begin planning for opening fully when health rules allow us to do so. We suggest that you review your sales projections for Q4-- October to December 2020. Look at September 2020 as well. Because we don’t know just exactly how matters will recover, we suggest that you take a very conservative approach, i.e., underestimate sales and labor as opposed to over estimating.

    Verify that you have adequate labor availability to open back up. In many cases, employees have left, moved and found other jobs, so don’t count on your old employees if you have not been paying them on furlough status.

    See what you don’t need to do-- now is a good time to review all of your operational procedures and processes and change, alter, eliminate, adjust those processes and procedures that are in place. In most cases, you will find some savings here that you may not have envisioned.

    Remember, every process step or procedure change you can make and eliminate will put profit in your pocket. If your business opens up and really takes off, you will have more profit than you envisioned. This will allow you to again, reevaluate, readjust and make the necessary changes to fulfill customer requirements.

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