Do You Have a New Checklist or Protocol?

  • There is a new era in the hospitality business and it begins now. Adaptability and flexibility are the keys. Hotels are seeking certification for cleaning protocol. Here at the Sheraton we are educating our staff on specific health and hygiene new safety practices. Adjusting to the new way of doing things is an all hands on deck proposition. We are working diligently to gradually improve our efficiency and strategic cleaning practices. Over 86% of travel managers want to know about what your hotel is doing for their safety and well being. We are delivering openness and integrity when it comes to moving forward. Our goal is for travel managers to feel secure in their decision and know that if something goes wrong we are here to assist them and they can count on us. What are your thoughts about moving forward? I would love to hear them.

  • Hi Dave!

     We are certainly serving in different and challenging times!  I have found many resources, free downloads for signage, as well as information on the Texas Restaurant Association's website.  There is a "promise" form that pretty much covers the complete checklist given out regarding restaurants from Governor Abbot.  I am including a copy below.  We are able to have our employees take the online course and become certified in Post Covid19 Service.  I am sure you have the same contacts and information in the National Hotel Association---that being said, for us, I am having our team take the online course to become certified.  I do believe that moving forward, this will enable my guests and staff to know that we are doing all we can to insure all team members are educated properly in COVID19 practices.  Additionally, we have checklists we refer to daily in specific regards to our industry.  We have created a log and all employees must check in and have their temperature taken when they arrive, prior to shift.  Rules and regulations are changing daily and it is certainly difficult for us to keep up with all of the changes our staff need to know about.  I have weekly meetings with each department and go over best practices, new rules, and allow them to ask questions.  Hope this helps somewhat!  At least we are all pretty much in the same position, we want to keep our clients and staff safe, but we need to be in business!

  • We were in West Texas last week on a facility tour. We stayed at hotels 2 nights, once in San Angelo and once in Fredericksburg-- both times, we were impressed with hotel actions. There were sanitation wipes at the front desk and the hotel “felt” real clean-- everything seemed to sparkle, at a level not seen previously. Now, these were not Sheraton properties, but the best they had where we were-- we were not afraid to be out and about-- everyone wore masks and paid attention. Lots of cleaning, constantly and paying attention seemed to be the order of the day where we were, which I suspect is the same at other hospitality properties.