Are you sending your kids back to daycare?

  • Looks like most are not. I’d love to see more VOTES!! #daycare #workingparent

  • The day care challenge is whether the children can be socially distanced. Of course, the answer is NO-- not little children-- and forcing them to try will only result in tears, frustration and fear. Sadly, little children, just like us big kids need human interaction-- big kids can better understand social distancing, but little children cannot. We are suggesting to our clients that the challenges and hassles of day care are probably too great right now to allow your children to attend. We recognize that having the children at home all day, while trying to work presents its own challenges, however, some opportunities do abound. We have one client that has a “nanny” come for 4 hours in the afternoon to play with the children after their naps-- and even the 2 and 3rd grader are taking naps!! This does work and allows the parent to get 4 solid hours of production/Zoom meetings without interruption. The “Nanny” also helps prepare meals for the children and family at night. The cost, about the same as daycare, but the “Nanny” is at your house with the children, not at daycare.

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