Working from home - focus and productivity

  • Now that a lot of our workforce is at home working, what type of training will they need to keep focused and motivated? I know I almost can’t do my job at home with a 4 year old constantly demanding my attention so I choose to go to my office instead. But I CAN, some of your employees can’t. So does this mean working “off” hours to get the job done? Wondering how you feel about that and how it’s affecting their productivity. Do you see that’s less is getting done in more time? Or more is getting done in less time? This is an interesting article:

  • I am seeing more is getting done in less time but the hours may not be the typical 9-5 but I am okay with quality over quantity! I would guess each business is different and it is based on Leadership…

  • I founded my business on a virtual model so it is not different for my team and me. I agree regarding quality over quantity. My team has adjusted their schedules to work around homeschooling their children and their spouses working from home. I personally have shifted my schedule to waking up earlier and shutting down the computer at a consistent time every night. That has helped my productivity.

  • @AmyShackelford Yes! A lot of work happening later in the evening or earlier in the day. As long as it get done, why not??

  • @Julie_Porter Yes I too “turn off” the business after 6p.m. Not all business can do that, but with what we do it’s very much acceptable and expected.

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