What Marketing/Advertising Is Working For You Now?

  • We’re seeing a HUGE increase in the efficacy of LinkedIn direct inbox outreach for ourselves and our clients on the B2B side. All of our B2C clients are doubling and tripling down on e-commerce for massive gains through Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising.

    What’s working for you?

  • I am trying to build our LinkedIn profiles but our Instagram has been really helpful right now.

  • LinkedIn, Instagram, email marketing and blogging are working for us now as they always have.

  • I believe we need to use as many platforms as our demographics demand, for example, we use Instagram for our younger groups, millennials, and we use Facebook for our traditional customer. We use LinkedIn for business. I have discovered that knowing and identifying a business avatar of our customers is an efficient way to drive media choices.

  • I have really been working on our LinkedIn presence these last few months and I have had about 3-4 people reach out to learn more about our business directly and could be potential customers. As well as learn about companies that can help us and our clients. I love it!

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