Phase III - how will this affect your business?

  • Gov. Abbot announced last week we’ll be opening up to Phase III - read here about that:

    How will this affect your current situation ? Or how it will change the way you’re doing things. I’d love to hear what you all are doing! 🙂

  • Food businesses are in a tough spot. People don’t realize that when we open up to 75%, it’s not truly 75%. Since we have to maintain 6-feet of social distance, most restaurants have to remove tables and chairs from their original 100%. We’re trying to ramp up the online deliveries, but so are practically all food businesses. I’m worried about the restaurants that were just barely making it - will be tough for them. Show your local restaurants some love!

  • @cacapua I can’t even imagine… All my event space friends and those who serve as event vendors are all dealing with this - so hard for them… I still haven’t dined-in a restaurant yet… I just don’t want to take the chance. But take out all day and local ONLY for sure - no national chains for us… they can support their staff for the most part pretty easily.

  • We can work remotely but benefit by having people in office. We’ve staged offsetting people to come in to facilitate distancing.

    We’ve also chosen to buy lunch for everyone who choses to come in. 1) A little treat for people, so they don’t have to worry about food. 2) We can support local biz restaurants in our area, near Keller. 3) Fewer employees going out during day means fewer interactions with others, hopefully reducing risk.

  • @smeek I love that you are supporting your team that comes in with lunch - very smart to keep the local restaurants but still able to keep the people inside limited. I do miss having our admin in the office, she’s having to split time between working for us and helping with her MIL who’s in the age group that can be badly affected by COVID-19. We’re making it work for sure!

  • We are currently at 75% of our numbers in the meeting space, indoor pool, and fitness center. We are working closely with our Marriott brand and Aimbridge Hospitality management team to keep the hotel clean and disinfected. We have hand sanitizers all over the place. We have social distancing stickers on the floor at the front desk, the elevators, and the meeting space. We are trying to make sure that we are doing all of the important things necessary and working with EcoLab’s on all the new chemicals and cleaning items. It has been a whole new learning experience and the safety of our guests and employees is paramount. Unfortunately, the Governor is slowing down the reopening process so 100% is still down the road. People are still trying to figure out if traveling is safe. This will cause the Recovery and Rebound to slow down a bit. So the important thing to do now is wear the mask, keep washing your hands, and make sure you are social distancing. Join the team and lets bet this thing.

  • @DAVE-O Sounds like Marriot and Aimbridge are doing a great job. That makes me feel safe IF I need to travel.

  • i travelled to West Texas a couple of weeks ago. We stayed in 2 hotels-- one better than the other, but both real clean, sanitized and wipes all around. The rooms were clean and the overall environment felt clean. We ate out at local restaurants in all cities we were in and did not experience any problems. We did have our temperatures taken in San Angelo, but again, no big deal. My colleague travelled, by air, from ATL to DFW and return-- he was not concerned flying on Delta. I have not travelled by air because a requirement has not come up, however, if necessary, I would be afraid to do so. We do need to continue to help the local shops-- which we did when we were in West Texas-- of course, I am not a chain guy.

  • I would NOT be afraid to travel by air!!!

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