What has changed for your businesses Marketing Strategies?

  • Wondering how your marketing efforts have changed with our clients and prospects almost all working remotely. For us, we’ve been using more social media tools to see who’s out there, who’s buying, where they are buying, etc. If you’re not using social media for marketing, why is that? I’d love to hear from all of you!

  • Demand for our background screening services are very low right now simply because many employers aren’t hiring.

    Rather than push information that isn’t relevant to my audience (HR professionals and business owners), I’ve spent our marketing effort building and reinforcing relationships.

    I’ve spent the last three months (wow!) sharing helpful information in my areas of expertise (HR and entrepreneurship).

    For instance, when everyone was scrambling to understand PPP, I published my research and created a loan forgiveness estimator.

    More recently, I published The Imperative Guide to Reopening Your Workplace, a compilation of the CDC, EEOC, OSHA, and state guidelines along with some practical HR advice. We’ve had hundreds of downloads in the past week. (https://bit.ly/2TLr9JC)

    I’ve also stayed in front of my existing audience with bi-weekly newsletters that have information relevant to their interests but have very little to do with our services. I even include a recipe that I’ve been testing during the shut down. Kind of silly but the recipes get a lot of positive feedback. (https://bit.ly/3gP70fN)

  • I think this is the perfect strategy right now @mrcoffey ! I love the recipe idea - so many of us are tired of the same old things! I might have to try that one 🙂

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