Think local before buying online.

  • It’s come to my attention how convenient buying online is now. But what is that doing to our local economy? I’d love to see more businesses to use the local Fort Worth/ DFW resources. It might be a little bit more cost, but the effect on our local business is way beyond the savings you’d have. Any thoughts on this?

  • @AP_purpledoor I absolutely support local business and “buying local” should be at the top of everyone’s list. Social media can help drive this as can the leaders in our community! Supporting small businesses will at the very least, support the economy of our great city, and at the very most, maintain Fort Worth’s individuality. I encourage everyone to support locally, however, we do have to remember that the local doesn’t necessarily mean “no chains” or “corporate stores”…often, those stores are franchises owned by individuals who are great assess to our community.

  • Yes Vicki! 💯 agreed! Those chain stores bring jobs to our community and we absolutely support them too. 👍

  • Fun factoid-- 63% of every dollar spent at a local store remains in the community-- to help little league, Boy/Girl scouts, Band, etc. Only about 14% of corporate dollars are returned to the local community. If you can, supporting Mom and Pop local businesses helps sustain the local community.

  • Agreed! My go-to in Amazon, but I’m trying to break the habit in favor of checking locally first.

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