Virtual Meeting Basics and How-to's

  • We’ve all become pretty adept at navigating virtual meetings, but there are still family members, committee members, and colleagues who fear technology. I’ve made a few basic video tutorials to help people sign up for a free Zoom account and set up/invite people to a meeting. Feel free to share!

    Sign up for Zoom Simple Tutorial -

    Create a Meeting Tutorial -

    Invite people to Your Meeting Tutorial -

  • Thanks Carlo! I noticed that GOOGLE has meeting rooms now, do you have any experience using them? I have been extremely happy with ZOOM, however many of my colleagues are using GOOGLE, or Microsoft meeting rooms. Any thoughts? When you are back online! LOL

  • Hi Vicki. I just downloaded the Google meeting rooms and will play with it a bit. Zoom is my personal favorite, since you can use the polling feature to vote and do some other fun things. How’s business?

  • Thanks Carlo, let me know what you think! I prefer Zoom as well but I have run into a lot of the younger groups who do not like to use it for some reason…maybe they are simply accustomed to Google Rooms. Business is very good on the weekends and with drop offs and deliveries, however, doing 50% and 75% is extremely difficult for us due to our volume and size. It does, however, create an opportunity to look at things in a fresh light and with a clearer mind set regarding our core values. One thing I would truly love to see after the pandemic is the coming together of Fort Worth restaurants to create some type of coalition where we can assist each other in a meaningful way. Not necessarily the TRA Chapter but a new group, dealing with Fort Worth restaurants only. We do have a different demographic than most cities in that we are large with a small town feeling and a large history. Thoughts? How is your business doing? I hope all is well and knowing you and your work ethic, I suspect it is!

  • I wonder if it is just me but do you all find that Zoom backgrounds (particularly those without green screens) distracting and often unprofessional? When someone is speaking and slightly shift in their seat, body parts often disappear! Maybe I’m just getting old but the cuteness is wearing off.

  • @VickiCisneros Good ideas. This would have to be driven by the owners and have someone to really lead the charge. I don’t know how strong TRA really is, so it might be seen as a competing group. Glad your business is healthy!

  • @mrcoffey Agreed, if you don’t have a clean background, it can look strange. You have to be close to your camera for it not to look odd and ghost-like.

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