Workplace Health Precautions

  • As more businesses reopen, I’m curious as to what measures Fort Worth businesses are taking to protect the health of employees, contractors, customers, and visitors.

    Daily symptoms questionnaires for employees and contractors?

    Temperature checks for anyone visiting the facility?

    Requiring masks and/or gloves in some/all situations?

    Intensified cleaning regimines?

    Closing conference rooms, break rooms, and other common areas?

    Keeping a log of close interpersonal interactions as a contact tracing resource in case of an exposure?

  • Hi Mike, these are a few of the procedures we have put into place:

    (1) Currently we are requiring masks and gloves for all employees, both back of house and front of house.
    (2) We have hired two additional employees on all shifts for continuous sanitation of restrooms and dining areas, basically, they wipe down the restrooms after each one is utilized and they continuously wipe down furniture and surfaces.
    (3) We installed 8 sanitizer stations, one right when someone enters the restaurant, and the other 7 in various areas throughout.
    (4) We continue with curbside and delivery.
    (5) We have closed our break area.
    (6) All diners must have a reservation and confirmation number, attached with phone and email in case we need to contact them for contract tracing.
    (7) All employees are closely monitored and we have emergency funds for staff if they need to take off due to illness (so they will not be tempted to work if they are in need).
    (8) We set up a private FACEBOOK page for our employees only so that they can ask questions, refer to resources and be aware of the situation at hand.
    (9) We disinfect all areas on Mondays and we have ongoing training for our employees. Additionally, we are trying to keep the same staff members without hiring new team members at this time.
    (10) Last, all large meetings are taking place with ZOOM, both clients and employees, to minimize exposure.

    I hope this helps!!

    Take care,

    Vicki Cisneros

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