Virtual Happy Hours

  • The company I work for does not have a full-time HR representative, so I have been tasked with maintaining some of the employee relations. I have sent out a series of snail main letters and hosted 2 virtual happy hours…the first was based on Two Truths and a Lie followed by the second featuring staff baby photos…anyone had a successful happy hour that wasn’t trivia-based, like Pictionary or a talent show, that they want to share?

    (As daycare openings and capacity rules are playing a role as to our office opening fully, I feel there will be a few more happy hours to plan, and I don’t want them to become monotonous. )

    Thanks for any and all suggestions for future events and/or ideas to keep the comradery going!

  • I should add that we have been utilizing Zoom for calls, and when we have done virtual happy hours featuring trivia we have utilized Kahoot.

  • We have had successful Zoom happy hours discussing of all things…adult beverages, and sharing recipes, tips, and we also have a Book Club with the title Wine Not? Sometimes it is simply nice to chat and share feelings…we all have a lot of those going on right now!

  • @VickiCisneros 😄 Thanks for the topic discussion ideas!

  • We did Pictionary recently via the whiteboard on zoom, and it went over very well!

  • I attended a BINGO event online and it was fun. Our church youth group did cardines where the family gets in their car (maybe close to your headquarters) and it’s sardines but in a car!

    Sounds fun!

  • Supporting your team is a tougher challenge when you have to do so remotely. there were some suggestions in this recent article i read:

    • SNACK BOXES - send your teams some nurturing snacks to let them know they’re appreciated; My company (Canteen) actually sends them out to local business and employee homes so if you want to support a local business I’d be happy to chat (Karissa Feller ;214-470-7662)
    • Paid subscription to a meditation app (Headspace or Insight Timer are both great!)
    • Monthly credits to ClassPass, BeachBody or other fitness apps that can be used at home

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