Technology Marketing content for businesses right now?

  • Most of our sales team has stopped selling efforts and focused on staying close to existing clients and helping them through questions. We have mostly stopped any sales focused emails or website content for favor of more educational content for businesses.

    I wanted to poll the groups for topics. We have been using things like leadership, work from home security concerns, customer service understanding moments that matter, remote work tips and the like.

    Are there technology, security or general business topics you would be interested in us covering? We love discussing internally and researching topics. Our blog does show some past examples.

  • How about employer considerations as they decide when to return employees to the office?

  • Maybe even just a broad topic like self care and making sure you’re staying healthy while working at home.

  • Cool. Sounds like we are on the right track. Some of our recent topics were similar and returning to office sounds great, since I just messaged our team on that topic. Thanks.

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