Protect the Fort PPE Drive

  • Register here (one per company, 25 employees or less, limited supply):

    Made possible by Facebook, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce, the City of Fort Worth, and Visit Fort Worth have come together to launch an initiative to supply Fort Worth businesses with the equipment that they need during this difficult time. Together, we are protecting the Fort.

    Each box of PPE supplies will include 1 box of 20 masks, 1 box of 50 pairs of gloves, and 20 8 oz bottles of sanitizer (10 gel hand sanitizer bottles and 10 liquid disinfectant spray). The number of boxes are limited and available while supplies last. They are available at no cost to you, thanks to the generosity of Facebook.

    Find more details at the link above.

  • The deadline to apply has been extended for another week. Apply and see what happens. You may qualify for some support.

  • @Solomon the PPE drive closed a few weeks ago. But - I think you’re talking about “Preserve the Fort” that the city of FW is offering. Those details can be found here:

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