Talking With Your Banker Today

  • During the COVID-19 crisis, talking with your banker is extremely important for any business owner. Your banker wants to help you be successful-- he/she can only do that if they know how you are doing. Now is the time to have a talk with your banker. If you have tried to get a PPP loan and the big national banks were not helpful to you-- and that is what are hearing from many of our clients, then a conversation with a community banker is in order.

    A community banker lives and works in the community-- he/she wants you to be successful. If you need a loan or help with your business, the local community banker is always willing to help.

    Our firm uses Guaranty Bank and Trust here in Fort Worth. We have had a long standing relationship with the bank. The bank knows our business, what our needs are and are always willing to help. If you don’t have a banking relationship, now is the time to start. Your banker is your best friend in business-- talk to he/she-- they will help you. A local community bank is much more responsive than a large national bank where you have to dial a 1-800 number! Call them today!

    Joe Michels, PhD., P.E., C.P:.L.
    Solomon Bruce Consulting LLC

  • Great practice. We have had a strong relationship with Frost for several years. Many times these smaller and community banks can help a growing business through relationship and communications. Nothing against my first business bank, BOFA, but credit decisions were made out of state and $10k was the max they would do at the time. I met a community banker about a year or two later, built a relationship at events and she went to bat for me for 5 times that right as I needed capital for a large order. We have way more now, but I did retain BOFA for my personal banking, where having ATMs everywhere is a good thing.

    I’d also suggest always reach out your bankers AFTER a great year for additional credit, even if you don’t need.

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