Holding the Fort Down - In Fort Worth

  • The Sheraton Downtown Fort Worth is open for business and looking to maintain a safe environment for you, our staff, and our guests. In these unprecedented times, the travel industry has come pretty much to a halt. We are truly concerned about the impact of this situation moving forward. Just like 10 years ago after the recession, travel and tourism job growth played a leading role in that recovery. And we will again in this one.

    We ae committed to offering you a safe and comfortable stay; your safety and well-being is of paramount importance to us. So, what are we doing to overcome this crisis and have our recovery strategy in place:

    1. Preparing a strategy is vital - one that show our actions steps assuring the safety and health of our employees, individuals, and meeting guests coming back to the hotel.
    2. Recovery guidelines - healthy steps and focus that show our alignment, commitment to communication, less wasted time, and more critical reaction responses to proposal, RFP’s, and adjustments.
    3. We want to be a relevant partner by offering our flexible meeting space, risk control and safety standards, plus show our Brand and Management Guidelines for a cleaner, disinfected, sleeping room for you to have the peace of mind necessary to move forward and come back to normal.
    4. Have one main Recovery Command Control Central where everything and anything related to positive-moving forward information is kept.
    5. Getting the word out - we are here to help, to be a resource, to solve your meeting planning concerns, and to build that partnership and relationship that you can count on.

    As we weather this storm together, we all realize the repercussions across our economy and how challenging this recovery is going to be. We want you to know that the Sheraton is here staying connected with you for the best outcome possible. Let’s keep these ideas flowing, you’ll never know where or what will come from them?

  • Thanks Dave!

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