Do you think event venues were included in the Phase 1 opening announced yesterday?

  • The gathering restrictions weren’t lifted or resumed - should event venues open for social and corporate events if folks are going back to work and use the protocol set for restaurants? Are venue similar to malls, movie theaters, etc.? Could they open at 25% occupancy and social distance with groups of 6 or less at a table?

  • I do not believe Phase I included event venues unless they were able to host an event meeting the criteria Amy mentioned above. They are, however, considering this in Phase 2, but we have to be safe and with the large number of guests present, without a secure method of knowing and following attendees, there would be no way to alert if someone at the venue event were diagnosed with Coronavirus. The smaller groups are in keeping with guests would be going out to eat dinner with people they know and see regularly and they could quickly contact them if a test were needed to be conducted.

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