Is your restaurant opening up?

  • The Governor said that he would open dine-in options to 25% of capacity. For some food establishments, this is cost prohibitive. Who’s opening up? Who’s staying closed?

  • Hey Carlo!
    Branch & Bird will continue to offer the temporary limited menu and hours (Monday - Friday 7a - 7p) with curbside delivery, delivery in select zip codes and take-out during Phase 1. We are opening up the dining room at 25% occupancy so if someone picks up their order at the counter they can eat in our dining room or out on the patio. We are planning to offer full dinner service starting Wednesday, May 20 with a new Summer Menu, servers and hosts, etc. if Phase 2 is initiated.

  • Chamber Staff

    @AmyShackelford how has reopening been so far?

  • Los Vaqueros is open and we are taking reservations for the number of tables we can accommodate. We continue to offer curbside and delivery. We opened on Friday and we were full to our 25% capacity, Saturday was good in the Gardens, and Sunday was quiet. We have reduced hours, closed on Sunday evenings, Mondays and Tuesdays at this time for cleaning, disinfecting, and ongoing training with our staff. That being said, no, it is absolutely not worth it for us to be open from an economic standpoint, however, we are able to make our longtime customers happy and are trying to do the best we can. We have business interruption insurance and according to the various control groups at TRA, it seems as if we will not see any assistance from the insurance company, it will be tied up in litigation. TRA recommends that if your claim is denied, rather than joining in litigation, it is best to write a letter of complaint to the insurance board. No sure what to do, we simply continue to try to offer a space for our friends and customers. We are offering full menu service at the Stockyards location and limited menu service at Los Vaqueros West at Oeste Ranch Golf Club and Los Vaqueros University.

  • Chamber Staff

    @VickiCisneros thanks for the update!

  • Any restaurants open for seating near Keller.

    We have been ordering take out lunch for the 5-10 peeps showing at our office and trying to buy local to the area through the work week. Could also use a sit down on the weekend.

  • @bbrookens We are grateful to be at 75% now! We still need more business and since downtown workers aren’t back like we expected, daytime business is really slow.

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