Protect your Zoom video conferences with these security settings

  • Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams help enable group collaboration but understand and configure settings before inviting everyone. Here are some quick tips for Zoom.

    Before Meeting:
    •Disable autosavingchats
    •Disable private chats / upload of animated GIFs
    •Disable file transfer
    •Disable screen sharing for non-hosts
    •Disable remote control
    •Disable annotations
    •Use per-meeting ID, not personal ID
    •Disable “Join Before Host”
    •Enable "Waiting Room“
    •Use unique ID for large or public Zoom calls
    •Enable password feature (keep password or create your own)

    During Meeting:
    •Assign at least two co-hosts
    •Mute all participants
    •Lock the meeting, if all attendees are present
    •Share screen with host only or not at all

  • I meet with my team regularly via Zoom, and I purchased the monthly professional program, $14.99 - I make sure everyone is visible and we talk to each other. Granted, we do have a formal meeting with an agenda but we also are sharing ideas and trying to keep everyone uplifted! Sometimes, just seeing my staff makes me feel better! Another thing I did was to set up a FACEBOOK GROUP page for Los Vaqueros Staff only, private, we share problems, issues, requests, who needs to borrow something, leave it on the porch, printers, books, etc., We also are able to assist each other in filling out forms, etc., via ZOOM and FACEBOOK. We stay in touch!

  • Chamber Staff

    @VickiCisneros Love the FB private group idea for your team - that’s a great way for them to feel connected right now!

  • Firms that have Office 365 for email and users might also have access to Microsoft Teams. Facebook is definitely friendlier and everyone uses it. MS Teams adds the ability to interact with calendars, share or file updates to specific groups, post announcements and other cool stuff. The big benefit is adding security to all content. May not be applicable to your usage but Facebook content is mined by them and their 3rd parties.

    If you don’t have office 365, MS is offering 60 trials for firms that might want to tinker with it but the downside is obviously some cost versus free Facebook posts.

  • @VickiCisneros Sounds like you are a great leader!

  • Google Hangouts/Meet is also a great tool for online meetings. The free version allows up to 250 people for a video call. We’ve been using the Google Business version for work and it’s great.

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