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  • Dear Brittany: This is a great idea to get a “Command Control Center” for the Recovery Process. This could be a place for everyone to come as a resource, a template, and a gage on how things are positively going forward. Thanks, DAVE O

  • @DAVE-O thank you for your participation!

  • Brittany, Couple of quick questions… Will this forum be open to all business or just to Chamber members? Have we officially launched and if not–when it that planned? Finally, can we start inviting other business leaders to the forum?

  • @Lisa-Cobb open to entire community, not just chamber members. We will officially launch to the community this Thursday (5/7), but we’ve already had contributors from a soft launch participate. Yes, please invite away! We want this to be a resource for the Fort Worth community.

  • @Lisa-Cobb actually, we launched it today! (scheduling change). Email just went out to our members and press release was sent out to media.

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